Sit down, please — it’s the Datsuns

the datsunsIt  can’t be often that a rock band asks fans to take a seat in the middle  of a gig, but that’s exactly what the Datsuns did at their show at the Mayfair in New Plymouth.

In  a new take on audience participation, bassist and lead vocalist Dolf de  Borst beckoned fans to the floor during Helping Hands off the  Cambridge rockers’ latest album Death Rattle Boogie.

And  then as the slow-burner reached a typical Datsuns-esque crescendo they  rose as one heaving mass, setting the tone for the rest of the night.

It  can’t be easy carrying the “next big thing” tag around with you for a  decade, but the Datsuns haven’t suffered too much emotional harm on the  evidence of this show.

Pulled  together from around the globe for their first nationwide tour since  2009, the regular gigging is working for the four-piece. The playing is  tight, aggressive, and the performance energetic despite the rigours of  the road.

Lead  guitarist Christian Livingstone’s nimble fretwork is there to be  admired, but the sound is more psychedelic and heavy on the sonics of  the group working as one, rather than a platform for the virtuoso guitar  playing that ruins so much heavy rock.

And while Death Rattle Boogie was  the focus, there was a liberal selection of hip-swagger boogie and  fist-pumping anthems from band’s four previous albums to keep those in  the mosh and beyond happy.

PS: Any reservations about the sound quality at the Mayfair can quietly be put to bed – it was just dandy.


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